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Mosh Tours & Travel

Mosh Tours & Travel is a home-based company located in Shillong, Meghalaya. We specialise in tours in State of Meghalaya and are always expanding and enhancing, as well as adding new and exciting tours.
As a developing tourism industry in the state we contribute to attract more tourists in the state to improve the economic growth for both skilled and un-skilled pupils along with other subsidiaries by creating and designing unique and attractive packages in affordable prices. The company emphasize in promoting home-stay in the state to experience the local living culture, food and tradition.


To be the one stop shop for every travel service and be the leading Tours & Travel Company within the region.


  • Encourage information, research & quality information within the tourism communities. Encourage all activities by developing appropriate physical social & culture environment.
  • To encourage, promote & ensure the respect and dignity of people in Tourism, Marketing & Promotion of Tourism.


At Mosh Tours & Travel, our mission is to inspire and facilitate memorable journeys that enrich lives and create lasting memories. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional travel experiences that exceed the expectations of our clients, while promoting responsible and sustainable tourism practices. We prioritize our clients' needs and desires, striving to provide personalized and seamless travel solutions that cater to their unique preferences and budgets.

This mission statement reflects the agency's dedication to customer satisfaction, responsible tourism, and the pursuit of excellence in the travel industry.


Our Objectives

  • Provide a high standard of service suitable for FIT, GIT Individuals & Family seeking relaxing, comfortable experiences in Hospitality & Tourism Industry.
  • Produce expeditions & memories that would satisfy each & every single customer.
  • Create culture, traditional & adventure experience for every single guest/customer.
  • Promote responsible & community-based tourism.

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